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Clinical & Operational Consulting

  • On-boarding process that integrates current systems with updated protocols.

  • Implement strategies to identify patients that benefit from expanded services.

  • Coaching to optimize the transition of patients from routine vision exams to consultations.

  • Receive tools to make OSD consults highly efficient and deliver patient compliance.

  • Customize patient support documents for advanced procedures.

  • Guidance for eye-safe beauty products and other retail products.

  • Staff and Doctor training (Live & Remote)

  • Access to Clinical Experts

  • Financial/Procedure Planning

  • Worksheets for patients and staff

Marketing & Communications Consulting

  • Brand Package for Service Line

  • Strategic Marketing Plan with a focus on internal marketing.

  • Optimize patient relationship management (PRM) software communications.

  • Website Optimization

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media, Digital Marketing

  • Special Event Marketing

  • Referral Programs

  • Performance-based metrics and reporting strategy

Our dedicated teams have consistently delivered results to busy eye care professionals, crafting specialized programs in both dry eye care and aesthetics.

Specialized programs and strategic marketing initiatives have led to an 18% average yearly revenue increase for our clients with meticulous measurement of results and ROI to help ensure success.
29% of dry eye patients are dissatisfied with their care, often changing optometrists 3-4 times before finding satisfaction, indicating a significant opportunity for us to excel and outperform!
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